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We can help. Search engine optimization and web application development are fused into our company DNA. Our approach is summed up in The 4 C's of SEO: Code, Content, Connectivity, and Commitment.

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SEO Logic, Corporate SEO Since 1996.

We began as a web-development shop in Chicago, hand-coding websites for clients and building vertical directories to help consumers find healthcare service providers. As the early-stage search engines began getting traction, we turned our focus to consulting and development work to help clients rank high for organic search results and drive highly qualifed leads. Search engine optimization and web-application development are fused into our company DNA—and that helps us generate maximum ROI for our clients.

SEO Logic is one of the few Search Engine Optimization agencies I've encountered whose team has actually done their own research and study on the subject. That level of expertise makes a major difference—most experts I've encountered in other settings simply repeat "tactics" that they've read or heard elsewhere.

In a previous position, we designed, built and launched a major content-based website for a large organization. After launch, we were dismayed to watch the site's position in Google quickly deteriorate. Like many companies, we assumed that all we had to do was launch a website and the search engines would come.

As it turns out, if we had set out to violate as many of Google's recomendations as possible, I don't think we could have done a more effective job.

CJ and his firm helped us sort out the mess, and quite frankly he was relentless in following up to make sure we did it right. Within a few months, we were winning top positions on key searches and our traffic started growing and growing. More importantly, this helped us achieve site-registration and revenue goals.

The SEO Logic team does excellent work—you would be well served by bringing them on board.

James Heckman
President, Little Wolf Inc.
Former Director, Internet Marketing at American Marketing Association


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